About us 

Enigma Strategic Communications® uses agile teams to suit each client's unique communication needs. The company's talent pool comprises top 5% psychologists, strategists, writers, managers and InfoOps practitioners: hand-picked for their expertise and no-nonsense work ethic. This structure reduces costs but ensures the highest possible professional standards. The best team for the job, every time. 

The company is owned and run by Sven Hughes, the creator of several award-winning communications methodologies.

Having started his behaviour change career in advertising, and as a reserve Psy-Ops operator within the British Army, Sven has spent the last 20 years at the vanguard of the influence industry. He has completed award-winning strategic communications campaigns on behalf of Prime Ministers, Presidents, Royal households, militaries, government departments and FTSE 100 corporations. 


He is the author of, 'Verbalisation: the power of words to drive change' (Amazon) and makes regular media and lecture appearances, discussing the future of ethical strategic communications. Recent lectures have included The House of Lords, RUSI, The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom and Jersey Finance Annual Conference. Sven is an outspoken advocate for a more transparent and ethical global strategic communications industry.