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Audience insights. Communications solutions.   


Founded in 2019 by Sven Hughes and Olga Kurushina, Enigma Strategic Communications exists to provide effective audience analysis and messaging within an ethical framework: responsible impact. Enigma was recently listed among the UK's Top 100 SMEs. 
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Audience analysis 


Using a proprietary collect methodology, we analyse audiences for their psychological and psycholinguistic characteristics. Whether defining audience cohorts, or identifying new growth opportunities, our analysis delivers actionable intelligence for immediate application.


Communications strategies


Underpinned by audience insights, our strategies deliver exceptional results. Whether repositioning a brand or product, increasing audience engagement, or defining the most effective messaging for an up-coming campaign, Enigma is the go-to for measurable impact.



Messaging guidelines

We provide structure to your internal and external communications by pattern-matching your audience's psychological and psycholinguistic characteristics. More than messaging, our communications increase consistency and efficacy.



Training / cascade


Our award-winning training ensures that your team can speak with one voice, to drive awareness, consideration, engagement and sales. From 1-2-1 coaching, to complete corporate solutions, we have the expertise and experience to transform your messaging capabilities.


Lucy Goff, CEO

At LYMA we give people the power to change their life, and our work with Enigma has helped to crystallise that mission.

Geordie Grieg, Editor

Sven provided focus, imagination and drive when he helped the Daily Mail to find a voice to market its potential as a force for good. He is exceptionally good at what he does.

Catherine Newman, CMO

Everyone talks about relevancy, but Enigma went further and helped us to build an empathy machine which pattern matched to our fans' needs - resulting in record growth.

Prime Minister Douglas

It was through his scientific research and analysis that Sven was able to guide us to one of our most powerful political slogans ever.

Lord Bell

Sven Hughes is a brilliant man. His bravery is matched only by his flair and imagination and I can think of no one else in the field of CVE more deserving of recognition. His heroic efforts have produced outstanding results.

Prime Minsiter Mitchell

Sven is capable of taking strategic decisions quickly. I relished on every occasion the demonstration of his intelligence and capacity to point a strategy in the right direction.

Ben Hughes, COO

Sven helped us to reposition our brand and communicate it to internal, consumer and trade audiences. From strategy to rollout, he was instrumental at all stages. His combination of psychology and marketing savvy is unique and immensely effective. He sells victory.

Senator Frederick

Sven helped our country to defend democracy and resist the influence of questionable international forces. I cannot think of someone who has had greater impact in strategic communications.

Enigma was listed among the Elite Business Top 100 SMEs within the UK.


Enigma's CEO won the Great British Creative Entrepreneur award at the GBEAs.



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