Every project we undertake begins with the Enigma Engine® methodology and ends with our proprietary communications techniques.


This involves analysing a client's existing research (and supporting with additional primary if necessary), so as to define the audience's exact linguistic, psychological and behavioural traits for the purposes of more effective messaging. We then create a verbal strategy and toolkit to directly match the new audience segmentation and depth insights. 


It goes without saying that all our clients are united by their desire to measure the effect of their campaigning, which is why we provide robust measures of effect at all stages of the process. 


The result: an unrivalled understanding of the audience, their relationship to the brand or proposition and how to find, reach and communicate with them to drive measurable change.

Internal Comms & Change

Staff, sector, media and markets analysis, segmentation, strategy and verbal toolkit(s).

Corp Comms & Reputation

Audience, sector, media and markets analysis, segmentation, strategy and verbal toolkit(s).

Product & Brand Repositioning

Franchise and source of business analysis, segmentation, strategy and verbal toolkit(s).

Sector & Competitor Intel

Competitor lexical analysis, sector opportunity assessment, growth or defence strategy and verbal toolkit(s).

Trend, R&D & Portfolio Planning

Portfolio analysis by brand/product and as a commercial meta presence, one voice strategy, verbal toolkit(s).

Cascade Training & Support 

Comprehensive training package with tangible verbal support products to achieve 'one voice' through differing levels of the organisation.