You need to know.

You need to change.


You are planning a communications campaign and need to have the most robust audience insights possible. You need to know what the sector and your key audiences are saying and thinking, where to reach them and how to phrase your product or offer. You need to know if your audience is the same on and offline; whether they are more open to your messaging at a certain time of day, on a particular channel or within a specific context. You need to know what identifiers you can use to target these people to avoid wastage and then to track their perceptual and behaviour change over the duration of the campaign.

You are falling behind or needing to seize an emerging opportunity. You need to know that the actions you take and the money you spend will deliver the necessary behaviour change; no false promises. You are taking a risk by repositioning or restructuring, and you can't tolerate failure. Your reputation is on the line. You need a considered plan that takes into account as many factors as possible, while still remaining actionable. You need quick wins, as well as a long-term destination. And you need to be nimble, because you know that your competition is also on the move.

You need to mitigate risk.

You need to build consensus.


You are prepared to try something new. You have done ‘business as usual’ and seen the same lack of results. You are in the market for business unusual, but do not want to get associated with smoke and mirrors, over-hype or failure. You need a consultancy partner that has worked on similar projects, for similar clients but that also understands the complexities that make you distinct. A consultancy that can engage at every level of your organisation and handle themselves with due decorum. You need products and services that segue into your organisation, managed by a team that knows how to deliver. You need a consultancy that does what it says, without caveats.

You will be judged on your ability to reach the right people in a way that engages, inspires and onboards. Whether an internal or an external audience; whether a select high value group or an entire demographic. You need a tried-and-tested activation and cascade plan that takes into account your complicated sector and unique business realities. You also need to align your wider team, vertically and horizontally. So you can reach your target audience with one voice and one focussed aim. You'll get no prizes for a campaign that doesn't deliver results, so you need a robust MoE framework that can demonstrate success at each stage of the rollout process, both online and offline.